Pet Loss Support Services

Support Groups
I am offering a free support group the first Sunday at 5:00 pm at the Willamette Humane Society in Salem, Oregon for anyone that needs help.  The group is there to bring pet owners together during a very painful time. The tendency when you are in emotional pain is to stay at home and isolate. I think you will be surprised at the benefit of being with other grieving pet owners at this very confusing time.  You are not crazy!!! It hurts like hell so don't go through it alone.

Please RSVP for this group so I can have your materials ready. The number to call is
503-585-5900 x 353 or 503-804-9330

The Support Group is free of charge.

If you would like me to come to your home, school or Senior Centers the charge is $100 for travel and materials.  I am happy to come and have an open discussion about any and all concerns you, your friends and family may be dealing with. 

The special issues surrounding seniors that have had to give up their pet is especially acute.  Seniors have likely had a lifetime of pet ownership and now are unable to care for themselves much less a pet.  Facing this can be frightening and frustrating. I can help work with them to reach resolution. NOT closure but peaceful resolution.

I am experience in working with children. Dealing with the stages of grief is difficult for the whole family.  Together we can work out the issues that proceed and follow the loss of a pet.  

Feel free to call me at 503-804-9330 and leave a message.
 -Hilda Angell

Apollo and his little friend

Willamette Humane Society 4246 Turner Rd SE