Dealing With Loss of a Pet

There are so many different losses that a pet owner can go through.
Natural or accidental death, euthanasia based on health or behavior reasons, and some of the other painful circumstances like lost and missing pets where their outcome is unknown and the nightmares surrounding that. 
There is also the need to give up a pet because of life circumstances like moving into assisted living, relocation or a change of family dynamic, even allergies. There are many, many reasons all of which cause us great pain on many different levels. Some of which we can't even explain or identify. 
As a strongly bonded pet owner, I have suffered great sorrow due to having lost many of my pets to the reasons listed above. No one seemed to understand why I was so devastated. When I looked for help it was not available. The pet loss and bereavement field was in it's infancy. I needed help and through a lot of work I am now able to help others as a Certified Pet Loss and Bereavement Counselor.

Each of my heart wrenching sorrows has, with work, become the deepest gratitude for our precious time together. What an honor to have been loved so purely by such amazing spirits. 

Fred the first day I brought him home. No hair, thin, cancer on his tail

Knowing When to Let Go

One of the things that I have years of experience in is helping owners with the impossible end of life decisions for their beloved pet. Knowing when to let go is one of the hardest things to do.  

Is it time to let go? Are you ready to face your responsibility as a good steward for your pet?

This is the hardest thing about love!!!

We have to love them all the way to the end even if it is the most difficult thing we have ever done. 

We can go over a "Quality of Life" scale.  It is designed to help evaluate the many aspects of a pet's life essential for comfortable living.  

Make sure that your pets last day is the best day ever.  Give them all the food they were not suppose to eat, let them get on the furniture.  What ever they really want to do.  One thing I recommend to all the owners is to not take their pets collar off until they are gone.  The collar coming off is usually stressful for a pet.  It means there is something wrong. 

They deserve spoiling and gratitude right up to the end.

This is only one of the reasons I started HealingAngell counseling, to support pet owners in their time of need.  To work through the worst of the pain and hopefully find some peace and resolution.  Our beloved pets are never really gone. They life in our hearts and watch over us.  They have taught us so much about love...that is their legacy...unconditional love and devotion. 

They are our Healing Angels. 


End-of-Life Decisions

It has happened... the end has come. NOW WHAT??

I know that the last thing on anyone's mind when they have a happy healthy pet is making a plan for the end.  As a shelter worker and euthanasia technician I have been with MANY owners at one of the most emotional, traumatic  time of their lives. The time that they are saying good-bye to their best friend.  To have to ask things as crass as what they would like me to do with their pets remains is the last thing I want to ask but it is important.

Having a plan before you are forced to make this decision is so important.

There are many options available to you and knowing what they are so that you are ready when the end is here will be a blessing.

You have many choices for your pet after death.

You can bury them at home if your city allows it or cremate and not recieve the ashes back.  You can have a private cremation and have the ashes returned to you in an urn.  What I did with my little friend Zelda and also Petunia was take their ashes and use them to plant two trees.  Now anytime I sit in their shade I think of them. I took Apollo's ashes and put them in a beautiful pendant that I had bought on Amazon.  

There are many ways you can pay tribute to your pet.  Make sure that it is the best way for you and brings a smile to your face. 

        Pee Wee